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Our goal is to acquire equity in successful companies with seasoned organisational expertise, solid business prospects and sound financials as well as to provide seed funding to innovative investment ideas. Tejoori continuously seeks to build and maintain a strong and diversified portfolio of both conventional and cutting-edge opportunities to generate attractive returns.

Tejoori evaluates investments based on both their investment potential as well as their compliance with the principles of Shari'a law. Tejoori believes that such an investment approach has the potential to build bridges and to promote multicultural understanding.

Within the framework of investing ethically and compliant to Shari'a law, Tejoori:

  • Adopts superior analytical technology
  • Invests both passively and actively depending on the opportunity
  • Invests flexibly by considering any geography, asset class or industry
  • Diversifies its holdings to limit its exposure to any one country, market or business type
Shari'a Compliance
Whilst the roots of Shari'a law can be traced back to the founding of Islam, the formation of a formal system of banking, finance and general interpretation is relatively new. At the heart of Shari'a compliance is a moral code that effectively ensures that Shari'a compliance is also inherently ethical. The key issue is that under traditional western finance models a profit share is taken from the proceeds of a successful business venture, whereas interest is charged irrespective of the outcome of such a business venture.
The four basic principles of Islamic finance are as follows:
  • risk sharing: each participant in a transaction should share in both the risk and return of a transaction
  • materiality: the transaction should have a real economic purpose
  • no exploitation: neither party to the transaction should be exploited by its operation; and
  • the transaction should not finance sinful activities, as defined by the principles of Islam.
  • Tejoori will always invest in accordance with Shari'a law, both in technical terms, but also in spirit - in other words, our investments will positively contribute to society.
Tejoori's investment structures are vetted by Dr Hussain Hamid Hassan for Shari'a compliance.
Socially-Responsible Investing

Shari’a law sets strict ethical guidelines for investing, making it ideally suited to anyone, both Muslim and non-Muslim, who wishes to ensure their investment is a force for good. Our portfolio contains only investments in companies that proactively seek to positively contribute to society, the environment and the world around us.

We will not invest in projects or companies that do not subscribe to encouraging community, stakeholder and employee relations, human rights or environmentally and socially responsible practices; and, where possible, Tejoori will foster relationships with governments of countries in which investments have been, or will be made, to encourage these practices.

Our portfolio will not contain any tobacco, armaments, pork, alcohol or pornography related investments.

Key Personnel