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Tejoori Limited is the world’s first truly independent international, ethical as well as Shari’a-compliant investment company to be listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Currently a limited liability investment company registered in the British Virgin Islands, Tejoori is Headquatered in Dubai, UAE.

Islamic finance is not new, but Tejoori is applying its principles in a distinct way. Traditionally, Islamic investment opportunities have been focused on the real estate and environmental technologies. Tejoori, as it is not limited by a specific geographical region or sector, actively seeks opportunities in other sectors such as healthcare, investments in the more established and traditional industries automotive, intellectual and financial services.
Tejoori has been created to take advantage of the large and growing number of investors demanding ethical and Shari’a-compliant investment vehicles. On the one hand, there are significant pools of capital around the world that are continuously and increasingly looking for good Shari’a-compliant and ethical investment opportunities, both inside and outside the region. On the other hand, there is a shortage of ethical and Shari’a-compliant vehicles and, as a result, significant pools of capital have been under utilized

Tejoori has positioned itself strategically to capture this significant global opportunity and, as importantly, to attract capital from outside the GCC to take advantage of the fantastic investment opportunities provided by global economy

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