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BEKON is the holding company of a group focused on the development, construction, marketing and operation of biogas, energy and waste treatment plants. Biogas is one of the most efficient sources of renewable energy. BEKON has developed two proprietary technologies enabling a process called Dry Fermentation, where renewable energy is created by converting biodegradable waste into fertiliser. The energy created in the process can then be converted into electricity. Both types of Dry-Fermentation developed by BEKON offer significant advantages over the existing, widely-used Wet Fermentation process, which cannot process dry biomass. Tejoori's EUR 6 million (Dhs28.67m) investment to acquire a 16.7% interest in BEKON will aid the UAE and the rest of the world in ongoing efforts to diversify energy sources and safeguard the environment.

Lagoons Plots – Sama Dubai

In June 2007, Tejoori exited its 25% equity stake in Omniyat Properties Eleven Limited through a Musharaka agreement, by acquiring three plots in the Lagoons Project, Sama Dubai ( a member of Dubai Holding). The Lagoons project is located in the heart of Dubai, UAE. With a total development value of $18 billion and encompassing 70 million square feet, it is the biggest single project launched by Sama Dubai. The three plots are zoned mixed use, residential/commercial and the total BUA of the plots are 1.1 million square feet.

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